• How can searching help you?

    If you are looking for icons, you can easily start searching by entering a necessary keyword. For example, if you want an icon to be used as a play button, you can just enter such search keywords as: "start", "play button", "play", "run", "go", "execute" and many others.

    By entering just one keyword you will be able to get sufficient results to filter later. If in you search you got a lot of results for one keyword, then it is possible for you to narrow your search, by using more specific words, such as changing "arrow" to "forward". Do not forget to put spaces between words.

  • How I can find an icon quicker by improving my search?

    IconWanted.com suggests you the most complete search filters for the results, which contain:

    Search in the results: You can find the icons you need faster using this function. By entering a search for "button" you will get a lot of results, but what if it is some specific button you need? Then you can enter "play" in "search in found results" and you will be able to see all possible play button icons. If you enter "stop" the search will list all the "stop buttons" available.

    Size Range: It maybe already a well-known to you that it is possible to narrow down icons in search results by a certain dimension size. For example, by default sizes from 0 to 128pxl are implicated, so icons bigger than 0px and smaller than 128px in width will be returned in search results.

    Color Filter: By default, icons of all colors are suggested to you by IconWanted. However, if you need a certain color, you can specify that in your search as well. By searching for "folder" you are able to get about 4,000 results and adding "red" to your query the will narrow them to 600 results of red color.

    Sort By: Icons of different sizes can be mixed on one page when results are sorted by default. But if you want to see either big or small icons first, try this useful tool.

    License: You can use icon packs from this site for free! However there are icon packs which are not permitted to be used in advertisements or commercial projects, and some authors demand a link to their website, though virtually every icon is accessible for private usage.

  • Why is it impossible to use my language in keywords?

    We have added a multilingual interface, but now only keywords in English are supported.


  • Why do some icons have different sizes while the others have only one?

    The sizes of all icons refer to the original icon packs. So if producing the icon in a certain size is not possible, the designer chooses not to include that size in his icon pack.

  • Why there are some formats which are not accessible for the icons I'm downloading?

    There are ICO, ICNS and PNG formats which are added in icon packs. But if they lack we try to add these 3 formats for every icon in every size in the icon pack.

    You received such a message because it was impossible for us to create a requested format. It depends on the icon size and color depth which may not be compatible with a certain format.


  • What is a user set?

    It is a set created to include all favorite or often used icons, according to your preferences. It is the similar to having a folder on your hard drive but the only different is you are able use it 24/7 from any place. Presently, creation of only one-level user sets is available.

  • Is an account required to create a user set?

    Every user set is connected with IconWanted.com account, so that is why you have to get an account and then will be able to create your own set.

  • Can my user set be seen to the public?

    No, the public does not see your user set, only you see it and the icons you added. You can also manage you page with the help of "edit" button. We may add an option of opening user sets to the public and other users when we get enough good sets.


  • I'm not an icon designer, am I able to suggest you an icon pack?

    Yes, it is allowed to every user. If you are not the author of the pack fill this form.
  • What if I'm the author of the icon pack on IconWanted.com?

    If you are the author of any icon pack on our website and you noticed anything incorrect, then contact us at contact form for getting modification.

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